July 2: The Medina Line Project Update

Southwest Gulf Railroad is committed to communicating road closures in advance to neighbors and stakeholders, and closings will be publicly posted via road signs 14 days in advance. Detours will be posted, and we are coordinating the closures with local police, fire and emergency medical services.

In the final stages of construction, The Medina Line is building seven road crossings, which are being coordinated with Medina County and TxDOT to minimize traffic impacts.

There will be temporary road closure at CR 4516 beginning July 13, CR 353 North and South beginning July 16 and FM 2676 beginning July 20. We will continue to provide updates as we begin construction on additional crossings in the future.

From south to north, crossings will be located at: CR 454, CR 4516, CR 4512, FM 2676 and CR 353. SGRR will exceed TxDOT standards by installing electric warning signals and gates at all roadway crossings except 4512, a minor crossing that will follow TxDOT standard and include appropriate signage.

Additional information about SGR and The Medina Line is available at www.TheMedinaLine.com. All project updates will be posted at www.TheMedinaLine.com/project-updates.

Neighbors should contact SGR at (800) 474-4086 with questions, comments or concerns relating to construction. SGR will coordinate responses with contractor WT Byler Co. and the project team.