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Bringing Jobs and Opportunity to Medina County

We’ve broken ground on The Medina Line, and construction is underway. SGRR is committed to constructing The Medina Line in a safe, responsible manner in accordance with all local, state and federal standards and regulations. We’re making every effort to plan, manage and implement construction with safety and the community in mind.

Click here for the latest construction update on The Medina Line.

In 2008, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board granted Southwest Gulf Railroad Company (SGRR) the authority to build and operate The Medina Line, a 9-mile common carrier railroad near Dunlay, Texas.

The Medina Line will:

  • Operate as a common carrier rail line serving customers located on or near the line.
  • Strategically connect the area to North American markets by tapping into the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroads, connecting the West Coast to the Midwest across America’s heartland.
  • Serve as a catalyst for new jobs and long-term economic opportunity in Medina County and Texas. To learn more about opportunities, click here.
  • Generate new tax revenues for vital government services, including road construction and maintenance, schools, and public safety.
  • Provide local businesses with a low-cost and convenient connection to the regional, national and global marketplace.

A safe and efficient transportation link, the line’s initial anchor customer will be The Medina Quarry, an existing limestone quarry at the northern end of the line operated by SGRR parent Vulcan Materials Company.

Our Commitment

Fueling Jobs & Opportunity

SGRR is committed to fueling new jobs and opportunity for the County and its residents with a significant investment to build The Medina Line:


  • Creating jobs. The Medina Line will create approximately 200 construction, engineering and operations jobs over a two-year construction phase.  Businesses that locate on or near The Medina Line will create additional jobs and opportunities for lasting economic development. To learn more about opportunities, click here.
  • Generating revenue. The Medina Line will generate new tax revenues for vital government services, including road construction and maintenance, schools and public safety.
  • Creating opportunity. Businesses that locate on or near The Medina Line will generate additional local revenue through increased household incomes and spending at local suppliers, stores and restaurants.
  • Enhancing transportation infrastructure. The Medina Line will strengthen transportation infrastructure to help the County attract new employers.

Dedication to Safety

SGRR is committed to designing, building and operating The Medina Line in a safe and responsible manner in strict accordance with Federal Railroad Administration safety standards and recommendations:


  • Unit trains are expected to travel at an average speed of 20-25 mph and clear road crossings in approximately 3 to 4 minutes.
  • SGRR will consult with TxDOT, Medina County, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers among others to ensure all road and flood plain crossings will comply with public safety requirements.
  • SGRR will maintain an approved Emergency Response Plan in case of weather or operational emergencies and will coordinate fully with County, State and Federal emergency agencies and first responders as necessary to ensure public safety in the event of an emergency.
  • SGRR will exceed TxDOT standards by installing electric warning signals and gates at all roadway crossings except CR 4512, which will follow TxDOT standards. Crossings will be located at: CR 454 (East), CR 454 (West), CR 4516, CR 4512, FM 2676, CR 353 (South) and CR 353 (North).
  • SGRR will maintain a 24/7 emergency phone number.

Protecting the Environment

SGRR is committed to operating The Medina Line in an environmentally responsible manner in strict accordance with Federal Railroad Administration standards:


  • A key requirement of authorization by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board was a rigorous and thorough environmental review.
  • Design, construction and operation of The Medina Line will include 91 mitigation measures from the U.S. Surface Transportation Board’s Final Environmental Impact Statement which addresses factors such as biological and cultural resources, water, noise and air quality, and safety.
  • Did you know? On average, trains are four times more fuel efficient than trucks.


SGRR is committed to being a responsible neighbor and working constructively with local officials and residents for the benefit of Medina County. We maintain:


  • A Community Liaison to foster positive open communications with the community.
  • SGRR maintains a 24/7 community feedback line to respond to questions or concerns at (800) 474-4086.
  • Lasting Partnerships with community schools, civic and charitable organizations.

Partnering To Attract new Business Growth

SGRR is committed to promoting Medina County as an optimal location for businesses, employees and their families.


  • SGRR proudly partners with local economic develop organizations and chambers of commerce to promote Go Medina County, which encourage businesses to expand, grow and relocate within Medina County.
  • Go Medina County’s goal is to foster a vibrant local economy that enhances the local quality of life.
  • In addition to showcasing Medina County and its benefits and incentives to future employers, the Go Medina County partnership provides workforce development and career resources to local residents.
  • Visit GoMedinaCounty.com for more information.


Project Timeline

Southwest Gulf Railroad Company (SGRR) is incorporated.
Determining that the project was in the public interest, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB) authorizes SGRR approval to build and operate The Medina Line as a common carrier railroad after a lengthy and thorough approval process, including completion of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
The STB decision approving The Medina Line is unanimously upheld by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in April 2010.
Design and engineering plans finalized.
Construction of The Medina Line began.
The Medina Line expected to begin operations.