Southwest Gulf Railroad Company

Connecting businesses to America’s rail network

Jobs & Opportunity Headed to Medina County

Fueling economic growth and hundreds of new jobs for the area

Who We Are

Southwest Gulf Railroad Company (SGRR) is a short line railroad company keeping local communities connected to the national rail network through America’s southwest. We provide local business customers access to the regional, national and global marketplace through low-cost and convenient transportation solutions.

Our Commitment:
Southwest Gulf Railroad Company is committed to providing value to our customers and the communities we serve by operating in a safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible manner.

Why Rail?

Restoring connections to America’s communities, short line railroads provide efficient and environmentally friendly transportation services for businesses, employers and communities around the country.


The life-blood of many communities, short lines directly employ nearly 20,000 Americans and create and support countless additional jobs in industries and communities that rely on low-cost efficient freight transportation.


For local businesses, rail means lower costs and expanded market reach through a connection to the national rail network. Communities benefit from short lines through new tax revenues, household incomes and increased economic activity.


Rail improves highway safety and reduces congestion by taking the equivalent of nearly 33 million truck loads off the highways. Railroads are constantly incorporating new technologies to improve rail safety.


America’s railroads are an environmentally sound way to move goods and reduce carbon emissions.


Did you know? One rail car can carry a ton of cargo 436 miles on a single gallon of fuel.